People have appreciated a long time ago, the convinience of shopping and service delivery in credit . Credit system allows the customer to buy things that are needed now, even when he/she doesn’t have enough money to pay for them. Having the ability to borrow money when you need it gives the Customer flexibility and a variety of benefits.

JSCB "Kapitalbank" provides different options of crediting for individual complaints.
We propose to our Customer to consult conditions of the extension of credit.
Consumer credits are granted for purchasing a good or service, which is produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Credit is given on the term to 48 months.The interest rate shall be determined based on the financial condition of the borrower, the term of credit and the proposed security.
Loan repayments and interests are carried out monthly, based on annuity repayment (in equal parts). Credits are provided through an internal transfer to trust fund of Contractor. Annual interest rate on loans constitutes 27%.
To conclude the contract for loaning,legal entity or an individual entrepreneur without formation of a legal entity should be a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan,after the age of 18 and dispose of a list of documents needed:
  • Copy of the passport
  • Original certificate of income, received during the last 12 months
  • Borrower's TIN
The Contractor must provide next documents:
  • Contract
  • Identity (guvohnoma)
  • Certificate of origin of the item (the product must be manufactured in Uzbekistan)

The maximum credit limit (without collateral) is equivalent to 12,9 million sum (75 times the minimum wage)